Frequently asked questions assemble! Using our intuitive aptitude, we’ve compiled answers to questions you may have regarding the ​Comic Shop Ninja​ online store.

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I'm confused, I thought you were my Local Comic Shop. How does this work?

We are still your LCS. In fact, we are now Canada's LCS!

You can now browse the monthly Diamond Comics Preview catalog right here on the web from your mobile device or computer. Some of you might be viewing this on your fridge.

Relax in your favorite recliner in the comfort of your own home, nestled up with a warm cup of hot chocolate & marshmallows while shopping for the lowest priced comic books in the country.

Sign up for an account. Browse the extensive offerings. Add them to your shopping cart. Check out. Fall asleep knowing that your order has been placed and your comics will soon be in your hands.

Live close to our home base? Pick up your weekly comics in store.

No credit card or scared of online hackers stealing your identity? Place your order online and pay in store!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop is still here. We're just evolving.

One might even say; we've mutated.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal for online orders.

And cash, Visa, MasterCard and Debit Card for in-store payments.

I am from the Westman area, do I have to pay for shipping?

No! You don't! In the shopping cart, if you are from the area you may choose the "Local Pickup" option.

We have a local pickup spot located at 122 9th Street that will be open every Thursday from 10am to 6pm. Save those shipping dollars to buy more comics!

I don't have a Credit Card or Paypal account, how can I pay?

Another convenient service we offer to local customers is the ability to pay in cash in store. We of course accept credit and debit card in store as well.

You can pick up and pay for your next order at the same time!

Do I have to pay before you will order my comics?


We do not order any products, or fill any subscription services to anyone unless the items are paid in full in advance before they are ordered.

Are your prices in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, all prices are listed in Canadian dollars after the current USD/CAD exchange rate has been applied. Our discounts are then applied to the final Canadian price and listed in Canadian funds.

When can I expect my comics that are in the current Diamond Previews catalog?

Because ​Comic Shop Ninja​ is mainly a pre-order website, orders placed on the website generally ship within 2 months.

Comics ordered from the current months Diamond Previews catalog are not released for two months.

For example if you ordered comics from the August 2019 catalog, they would arrive in our hands in September 2019.

Once you have a steady flow of comics coming in for you, you can choose to have you comics shipped out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your preference.

When can I expect my products that are not from the Diamond Previews Catalog?

Regular items that we keep in stock and on-hand are shipped out next business day.

Will there be a delay if I place an order during the week of a holiday?

In the event that there will be any delays due to holidays, etc. we will post a notice stating this on the site.

I will be out of town when my shipment is scheduled to ship to me, how do I delay it?

Requests for holds on shipments need to be ​sent by email to sensei@comicshop.ninja and we will do our best to help you.

Can I combine orders to save on shipping?

Unfortunately, we cannot combine orders. In order for us to offer the discounts, specials, and shipping rates that we do, each order must include a shipping cost. Shipping cost is based on the month order code. For example, JUL19 coded orders and AUG19 coded orders receive a separate shipping charge. Late orders placed may not be combined with current month’s orders and are subject to a shipping charge. If a customer combines orders, the orders will be assessed the appropriate shipping charges.

When a customer places multiple orders in one month, each order will be assessed a separate shipping charge. Additional shipping charges will not be refunded if multiple orders are placed within one month.

If I order a variant am I guaranteed to receive it?

We price our variants based on an estimated amount of orders we will receive and our eligibility for those items. There are occasions where the demand exceeds our eligibility, and we have to make adjustments. We make adjustments by allowing all customers to purchase at least one copy. There are occasions where the demand is still so great that we are unable to fill all customer orders. When this occurs, customers will be notified by email about the adjustment.

If I purchase a book, will I receive the cover pictured?

Covers shown are for illustrative purposes only and are supplied directly from Diamond Comics Previews website.

Most of the covers shown on Comic Shop Ninja are displaying the actual artwork that will be on the cover of the related book, but in some cases publisher may do last minute changes, switch artists, or just straight up make a mistake. These occurrences, as rare as the are, do happen, and unfortunately we have no control or influence over that.

Variant covers rarely have cover images ready to display at the time of solicitation. We regularly check to see if and when these covers do become released, and you can be sure we will update our page to reflect the changes we find.

If you are not certain about the cover you will be receiving, please email us and we will be happy to provide the image, if it is available to us.

To add to the uncertainty sometimes a book is offered with multiple covers but only one ordering code, those covers will be filled to customers at random. For example, if one ordering code offers Covers A, B, and C, Cover A may be shown on the site but your order may be filled with any of Cover A, Cover B, or Cover C.

When will I be charged for my order?

Immediately upon checkout.

Can I cancel an order or some items in my order?

Unfortunately we do not accept order cancellations. In the event that an order cancellation is authorized, we will charge a 50% cancellation/restock fee. In order for us to offer the prices we do it is important to maintain a minimum amount of inventory. If the order has been charged and/or items have been filled for that order, a cancellation will not be authorized.

We are also unable to cancel individual items from an order after the deadline has passed. Once the deadline has passed, the order is placed with the distributor and we are unable to cancel items once it is accepted.

What is your return policy?

Due to the collectible nature of the comics and merchandise we sell, we are unable to accept returns.

If you feel you’ve received a damaged item, please contact our ​customer service​ within 48 hours of receiving your order and we can look into this.

Customer service can be reach at dojo@comicshop.ninja

Can I order multiple copies of any title?

Yes you can. However, all items and quantities ordered are subject to availability at the time of fulfillment, and ​Comic Shop Ninja​ reserves the right to limit/reduce the quantity fulfilled, and to modify or cancel any order that cannot be fulfilled, or for any reason.

What do I do if something is missing/damaged from my shipment?

Please ​notify us by email​ within 48 hours of receipt of your shipment and we will be happy to replace your missing/damaged item(s) if stock is still available for the next scheduled shipment.

If we are unable to replace an item, we will credit your account for the item(s) at the price paid. All reports of damage must be received with a picture of the damage, so that we may check inventory to confirm that inventory copies do not have the same defect.

Most items are not received by the distributor in perfect condition. We weed all damages out initially through our ninjatic screening processes, but occasionally some do slip through the cracks.

If you do receive a comic in distress we need to receive notification within 48 hours, we may be unable to replace or credit you for the items. All authorized returns must be returned within 7 business days of authorization. Once the return is processed, the replacement will be sent in the customer's next scheduled shipment.

What condition are your New Release comics in?

All of our new release comic books are brand new and in straight from the factory condition.

That being said, every shipment we receive is guaranteed to have some comics come out of the shipping boxes already damaged. Whether that be from rough handling in the warehouse, having a parcel treated like a football in transit, or even printing defects; it happens.

To offset the risk of our customers being shorted comics due to damaged goods we receive, we increase the quantity all of our orders based on a specific percentage every month to minimize the odds of anyone missing out on anything.

Are all your books first printing?

Yes, all comic books are first printing unless otherwise noted.

When can I expect a response to my email?

Generally, we try to respond to emails within 48 business hours (2 business days). However, there are times when we receive a high volume of emails and responses may take longer. Emails are answered Monday to Friday and all emails received on Saturday and Sunday are answered on Monday and Tuesday in the order that they were received. During high volume times, additional staff is added and emails may be answered on the weekend to respond to inquiries that were received during the week.

What happens when the price of an item changes?

Each week, we receive a listing of price changes and they are keyed accordingly. When a price is increased, we are given the option of adjusting our orders with the distributor. This allows us to accept cancellations from the customer when a price increase has occurred. We automatically notify customers when an item price has increased by more than $1 along with an offer of cancelling the item. ​Comic Shop Ninja ​reserves the right to correct all prices.